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Soccer Pitches

Building of high quality soccer pitches and other sport infrastructure
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Athletics Tracks

Building of high quality running tracks and multifunctional pitches
Sport-Track Ltd 1

Instalation of Synthetic Surfaces

Sport-Track Ltd.

Construction of sports infrastructure

Our employees have many years of experience in installing synthetic surfaces in Poland and abroad. The facilities they made in the past have been tested by independent laboratories and have received FIFA and IAAF certificates many times.

The materials and components used by us are among the most innovative on the market. Our key partner on the synthetic grass market is GreenFields – one of several so-called FPP (FIFA Preferred Producers), and on the polyurethane surfacing market – leading European manufacturers whose surfaces have not only IAAF certificates for the product but also IAAF Class 1 certificates for facilities where their surfaces have been installed. Also by Sport-Track and its employees.

We build high quality

soccer and multifunctional pitches, running tracks, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc

Pitches Construction

Soccer Pitches

Sport-Track Ltd. cooperates with GreenFields bv – the global leader in the synthetic grass industry from the Netherlands. The company belonging to TenCate Group – the world leader in the production of fiber and components for synthetic surfaces has FPP status (the preferred FIFA manufacturer) and access to the newest and best solutions on the grass market. It is the GreenFields football facilities that are most often certified by FIFA in the world. The company is a pioneer in the hybrid grass market.

Running Tracks Construction

Running Tracks

Sport-Track employees have made a number of athletics facilities in Poland and beyond. In different climatic zones and on different continents. Tracks made in Sweden and Poland have been IAAF Class 1 certified. A number of other surfaces installed on l.a. has been tested by accredited laboratories for compliance with the requirements of the World Athletics Federation.

Tennis Courts

Multifunctional Pitches & Tennis Courts

Due to the social demand, investment outlays lower than other types of facilities and the possibility of combining a number of disciplines on one pitch – the most popular format of sports infrastructure. Mostly built at schools, on housing estates, in recreation centers and parks.


Safe Surfaces for Playgrounds

In addition to professional sports facilities, our employees make safe surfaces on playgrounds in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Scandinavian countries. We install the surface in wet pour technology, in every design and at the HIC (The Head Injury Criterion) of up to 3m.

Landscape Grass

The growing market of landscape synthetic grasses, used for arranging green areas with a particular degree of nuisance in care and maintenance, is very dynamic especially in Scandinavia. Increasingly installed in gardens, on terraces, in the vicinity of shopping centers and production plants, etc. The use of landscape grasses while performing beauty treatments allows for large savings in use of water, fertilizers, herbicides, mowing.

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Installation of Sport Synthetic Surfaces

Sport-Track ltd. is interested in cooperating with general contractors of sports facilities in the performance of both foundations and the synthetic parts themselves, i.e. synthetic grass or polyurethane surfaces. We also offer comprehensive supply and installation of equipment for football pitches and athletics track.

By signing the contract, we advise clients already at the stage of building the foundation. We help you avoid mistakes.